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APAM Project Overview

FIFC acquired 20 hectares of land in the Apam area in the Central Region of Ghana on the Gulf of Guinea with the vision to build a marine and onshore shipping storage and distribution terminal for oil and gas products as well as a luxury tourism retreat and conference centre.

The Apam Storage Depot (Tank farm) aims to serve

both the local and the regional markets with products

imported by FIFC stored and purchased by local Oil

Marketing companies (OMC) and the Bulk Distribution

Companies (BDC), who have limited storage, hiring space

for their imported products. The site is a green-fields site

with essential utilities such as water and electricity and as

such, an ideal piece of land for future expansion without

the constraints associated with similar developments as

experienced in other parts of the country.


As the Tank farm sits on the coast not far from the

countries of Togo, Benin and Nigeria, oil marketing

companies in these countries can also use the facility.

In Nigeria, the Apapa port is mostly congested and as

a result ships wait for weeks to discharge their cargo.

These Nigerian products importers can save cost on

demurrage when they offload at Apam, then use small

vessels to supply their depots in Nigeria when needed.

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