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The proposed development site is situated 100km west of the capital Accra, on the Gulf of Guinea, near to and across an estuarine system from the fishing village of Apam in the Central Region of Ghana.

Map of Apam showing location of FIFC Apam Product Site

The extent of the two pieces of land is approximately 20.5 hectares - Area A, which is the area closest to the sea and approximately 4.5ha in size and Area B, the area to North East of Area A and approximately 16ha in extent.


Situated between the coastline and an estuary system, the site topography consists of an elevated grassed dune zone along the coastline that drops off to marshland along the tidal estuary. The site edge along the long side ocean frontage consists of a grassed dune with crest elevation of approximately 5.0m CD, sloping down to the beach towards the sea, and down towards the tidal estuary on the hinterland side.

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