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The FIFC oil products import/export trading terminal will consist of an off-shore CBM marine terminal, an onshore tank farm, 5ha light industrial space, offices, LPG storage farm, Gasoline and LPG distribution facilities and an “Energy City”, to be developed on 2 portions of land totalling 20.5ha.

APAM Master Plan Overview
FIFC Apam Project Site: Area A

Area A will be developed as a storage terminal for gasoline and gasoil products, pumped via a subsea pipeline from an off-shore marine CBM terminal. Fire-fighting and workshop facilities as well as 5Ha of serviced and surfaced light industrial development space, for lease or sale to light industrial services tenants are also planned.

FIFC Apam Project Site: Area B

This 16 ha property will acommodate the establishment of a state of the art Liquid Petrolem Gas (LPG) storage and handling facility, two independant distribution facilities for LPG, gasoline and gas oil and an “Energy City” that will provide much needed conferencing and accommodation facilities to the growing oil and gas industry in Ghana.

FIFC Apam Project Site: Energy City

The concept of the Energy City is to provide a state of the art destination aimed at both the tourism industry and the oil and gas sector. The hospitality market is growing the world over and Ghana is no different having shown a steady increase in the number of oil and gas related conferences, especially since the discovery of oil and gas fields in 2007. The recent opening of the Four Star Royal Senchi Resort near Akosombo has also shown that there is a demand for such developments.







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