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FIFC was incorporated in Ghana in December 2005 as an Investment and Development company. It is one of the leading investment companies in Nigeria with its headquarters in Nigeria and sister companies in other West African countries.


It is a company that applies innovative technologies to discover valuable resources and deliver the highest quality products to the marketplace and is recognized as a pacesetter in creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships. Current investment focus is in the Ghanaian hospitality and energy sector with the APAM Products Terminal & Energy City high on the list.


FIFC has three subsidiaries, namely

  • Midis Petroleum Development Limited,

  • Midis Energy Services Limited and

  • Midis-Energy City Limited


FIFC is the developer of this projects. 


To realize the vision for the APAM products terminal and Energy City, we are applying a differentiated business model that takes us beyond a conventional integrated business.

FIFC fully subscribes to the ideology that technology, with all its inherent benefits to humanity, is meaningless if it does not impact positively when applied. FIFC’s mission therefore is to provide high quality service to its customers through total commitment to innovative engineering and the best combination of technical resources available.

Our proficiency in handling investment and projects for the industry manifests itself with the high caliber of management and engineers in the company’s employ.

The success of FIFC rests with the marketability of our services and performance and maintaining and expanding this marketability is directly dependent on the quality and reliability of our supplied services within a workable time frame.

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