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FIFC Apam Project Site: AREA B

This 16 ha property will acommodate the establishmentof a state of the art Liquid Petrolem Gas (LPG) storage and handling facility, two independant distribution facilities for LPG, gasoline and gas oil and an “Energy City” that will provide much needed conferencing and accommodation facilities to the growing oil and gas industry in Ghana.

AREA B: LPG Storage, Handling and Distribution - and 'Energy City
1. LPG storage & handeling

Total capacity: 17 200m3

• 2x 5200m3 Sphere,

• 20x 340m3 LPG bullets.


2. Truck product loading bays

16 trucks per bay per day export capacity


3. Energy City :

• Hotel (100 beds)

• Exhibition centre

• Conferencing

• Leisure facilities

• Helipad.

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